The Ultimate Real Estate Program

Learn How To Make Real Estate Plays On All Levels Of The Industry With Little To No Capital!


This Is Where Entrepreneurs That Are Looking To Master The Entire Real Estate Industry & Learn The Fundamentals Of Business Begin!


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Trying To Get Into Real Estate And Don’t Know Where To Start?

If this is you I understand where you’re coming from. I started from... You’re In The Right Place If You Did Not Learn Real Estate Investing & Entrepreneurship in School! Unless you had parents or a mentor that could teach you the game, chances are you’ve run into major hurdles trying to understand how to build a profitable real estate investment business. Or maybe even trouble figuring out how to buy your first primary home to live in. The Ultimate Real Estate Program addresses all of it from A-Z. If you’re a beginner who would like to buy a home, flip houses, get started with no money out of pocket, advance to buying apartment buildings....AND on top of that learn everything there is to know about personal & business credit, business funding and more... this program and the 100+ courses, lessons, lectures and masterclasses in it will teach you literally EVERYTHING!

The Ultimate Real Estate Program

What's Included in This Ultimate Bundle?



  • What Every American Deserves To Know About Wealth Included
  • How To Acquire Apartment Buildings With No Money Down Included
  • How To Build A $10 Million Dollar Business From Scratch Included
  • 5 Proven No Money Down Real Estate & Business Strategies Included
  • How The Wealthy Stay Wealthy Included
  • The Power of The Black Dollar Included
  • How To Beat The Trap and Make Millions Included
  • Homebuyers Workshop Included
  • How To Start In Real Estate With No Money, Credit or Experience Included
  • How To Flip Your First Foreclosure Included
  • How To Take Any Business Digital Included
  • Real Estate Mastery Included
  • Business Mastery Included
  • Credit Mastery Included
  • How To Run A 8-Figure Business From Your Cell Phone Included
  • Real Estate 101: Investor vs Developer Included
  • How To Fund Any Real Estate or Business Deal Included
  • Apartment Syndication 101: How To Add 100+ Doors To Your Real Estate Portfolio Included

RBC Certification Program

(includes Real Estate Mastery, Business Mastery & Credit Mastery)

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Includes Over 15+ of My Elite Live Webinar Training Replays

Over 500 Hours of Online Videos

The Keys You Need To Build A Successful Business & Real Estate Portfolio

Learn how to buy a home, find and close investment deals, avoid costly mistakes, advance to purchasing apartments and commercial properties & make incredible profits in the real estate market. Discover the secret formula to establishing, maintaining, and scaling your enterprise to maximize revenue. Learn insider strategies used to build and repair your credit, dissolve debt and add stability and confidence to your and your family's life and legacy.


What People Are Saying:

Marcel Harvey

JMA Student

You Really CAN NOT Afford To Miss This Information!!

This program takes years of experience and packs it together in something to help us all achieve ownership of something REAL. This is something you can pass on to your kids. These are the opportunities we have been missing out on!

Sherill Jackson

JMA Student

Never In A Million Years Did I Think This Would Happen

Truly, a program of the people, JMA wants you to succeed and they want to show you how. My relationship with JMA has helped me drastically improve my credit score and now I'm in position for over $60,000 in funding to go flip my first deal!

Charles Gibson

JMA Student

You Don't Need Money OR Good Credit To Get Into Real Estate!! Wholesaling Is For Everyone!!!

It's a great program! You get a fortune of knowledge and practical steps to take to brand yourself. What to look for when buying or wholesaling. How to find motivated buyers, sellers, and more!

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